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Jacob Moss was born in Port Chester, NY and has lived in New Hampshire, Maine, southern France, Brooklyn, New Orleans, and Washington DC. He currently lives in his birthplace, Port Chester, NY. He has a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography, Middle Eastern Studies, and French from the University of New Hampshire.

While living in Brooklyn, Jacob worked for VICE News in video production, where he was an assistant producer on a documentary about trans-generational trauma in post-Troubles Northern Ireland, as well as several other smaller video and live productions.

In Washington DC, he worked for an online TV station called Listen Vision Studios as the head broadcast engineer and digital content manager. He racked up twenty hours per week of engineering live content, as well as producing music videos, promos and short news films. He also founded NUSIC: News+Music from Listen Vision, which focused on catching musical celebrities on trips to DC, while at their most politically-minded, and interviewing them about current events. While at Listen Vision, he also became the digital curator of DC’s Hip-Hop Museum, working with Hip-Hop legends like members of the Sugarhill Gang, Wu-Tang Clan, Biz Markie and Doug E. Fresh.

From April of 2019 until August of 2020, Jacob worked on a documentary entitled Immunotherapy: The Battle Within, the story of a man who stumbled upon an effective treatment for cancer in the 1890’s and was forgotten until 2018 when the treatment was re-worked and won the Nobel Prize, much to Big Pharma’s benefit. He worked on this project largely by himself—traveling, conducting interviews, shooting, editing, and sound mixing, single-handedly. Immunotherapy: The Battle Within was featured in the 2020 Big Apple Film Festival.

Jacob is a driven and talented video journalist, activist, and artist who has a passion for justice, equitable public systems, sustainable practices and finding humanity among the bureaucracy. In his spare time, he plays guitar and drums, practices yoga, mountain bikes, snowboards, travels, reads dystopian novels, and attends protests. • 207-702-4026 • LinkedIn

Download Jacob’s official résumé here.